Watermelon delight

It’s finally gloriously hot in London.  So hot, it’s possibly too hot to eat much but salads and fruit.  In weather like this, there is nothing better than a piece of watermelon taken directly from the fridge.  If you get adventurous, you can make a great snack by putting chunks of watermelon and feta cheese on cocktail sticks and drizzling them with a balsamic vinegar reduction (just bubble up some balsamic vinegar in a pan and it will reduce and go sweet and sticky).  Really nice with a glass of white wine for Mum & Dad.

You will need:

  • A watermelon (in chunks)
  • Feta cheese (in chunks)
  • A few spoons of balsamic vinegar reduction


Chop, chop, put on stick, bubble, bubble, drizzle….  done.


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