Molly’s blog – Getting into spices

I heard mum talking to her friend yesterday. ‘I really want to get Molly into spices.  I’ve tried cumin, coriander, chilli.  She’s turned her nose up at all of them so far’.

So today I thought I’d be a good girl and ‘get into spices’….  Turmeric to be precise.  Mum left it where I could reach it and I went for it with both hands.

She didn’t seem all that pleased with me as she washed it off my hands.  I’ll never figure her out….

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Sausage and Mushroom Spaghetti

Our local butchers, Armstrong’s, stocks fantastic Italian sausages called Quiglianos.  If you can get them, Italian sausages are great but any good quality sausage will do for this super easy mid-week treat.

For 2 people and a little one you will need: Continue reading

Asparagus and Lemon Risotto

Risotto is a super simple mid-week dinner.  You can do multiple variants and make it a different meal every time.  It’s cheap and easy to make and freezes pretty well too. It’s also  a sneaky way of getting vegetables into little ones.  Molly loves risotto and it’s encouraged her to eat from a spoon.

Asparagus and lemon are a great combination.  Other things we like to put in risotto include, smoked bacon, peas, broad beans and butternut squash (to name a few).  For a basic risotto you need risotto rice (either Arborio or Carnaroli), onions, garlic, celery, wine and stock. The rest you can make up yourself (add things you have in the freezer like frozen vegetables or bacon).

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A nation of chip eaters….

Thanks to everyone who got in touch to ask for the recipe for home-made chips.  Should I be surprised that there wasn’t even one vote for the healthy chicken and salad recipe? I promise to publish the runner-up (Nicoise onion tart) on another occasion.  Since it’s Friday, I’m including a treat for the big people…  A tasty Mojito recipe which is a favourite in our house.

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Pretty pictures – What to cook?




We’ve been up and running about a month now and amazingly, there are over 100 lovely people out there who seem to be enjoying our blog on a daily basis.  Thank you. So tonight we are taking a leap of faith and hoping someone will respond to our post (eek!).

Instead of posting a recipe,  we would like you to tell us which of these recipes you’d like to see next.   What you need to do…. Continue reading

Salmon with Wild Rice & Lentils

I went back to work today having had 10 months off to be a full-time mum.  What a culture shock….  Consequently, this isn’t what we had for supper!  This is something we had time to cook at the weekend (it may be freezer dinners for a while for us now). This is a super healthy and very tasty treat.

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