Pretty pictures – What to cook?




We’ve been up and running about a month now and amazingly, there are over 100 lovely people out there who seem to be enjoying our blog on a daily basis.  Thank you. So tonight we are taking a leap of faith and hoping someone will respond to our post (eek!).

Instead of posting a recipe,  we would like you to tell us which of these recipes you’d like to see next.   What you need to do….  At the end of this post, please reply to us and let us know if you’d like to see the recipe for roast chicken and panzanella, nicoise onion tart or best chips in the world.

Please don’t let us down – prove to us that someone reads these blog posts……  We promise to post the most popular recipe in time for the weekend!


20 thoughts on “Pretty pictures – What to cook?

  1. Chips , Mmmh last time I was in yere house couldn’t get chips all chippers closed , site looks great btw passed link on to people at work , talk soon Dave

  2. Hey Elaine,   The home made chips look yummy yummy!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you next week can you believe Ursula is getting married!   Lorraine


  3. The onion tart looks great! I tried two of your recipes at the weekend. The posh baked beans were yummy. I also cooked the chill. It went down a treat!! 🙂

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