A nation of chip eaters….

Thanks to everyone who got in touch to ask for the recipe for home-made chips.  Should I be surprised that there wasn’t even one vote for the healthy chicken and salad recipe? I promise to publish the runner-up (Nicoise onion tart) on another occasion.  Since it’s Friday, I’m including a treat for the big people…  A tasty Mojito recipe which is a favourite in our house.

For tasty home-made chips you will need:

  • Spuds – lots of them (about 3 big ones per person)
  • Groundnut (peanut) oil (or olive oil if you can’t use groundnut)
  • Salt & pepper


The secret to home-made chips is the choice of potato.  The potato needs to be robust to be both boiled and roasted leaving the chips fluffy on the inside and golden on the outside.

We buy ‘white potatoes’ which are the cheapest potatoes you can get at the supermarket.  Maris Piper work well too. I’ve never tried Roosters but think they would also work.


Put a large roasting tin in the oven and pre-heat to 180C.  Your tin needs to be big enough to hold one layer of chips (so that all the chips are in contact with the tin).  Chop the spuds into wedges (leave the skins on) and cover them in boiling water.

Step 1 – Make the chips fluffy on the inside

Boil the wedges until they start to get soft but are not completely cooked (about 10 minutes). They should have changed colour around the outside (getting whiter as they cook). If you boil them until the skins start to come off, you’ve left them on too long (but they will still taste delicious). Drain the wedges completely and put them in a bowl.

Step 2 – Make the chips golden on the outside

The secret to golden chips is to ensure the chip surface is completely coated in a thin layer of oil, without having a layer of oil in the roasting tray.  Drizzle the groundnut oil (if you can’t use groundnut oil, use olive oil) over the wedges and mix them in the bowl until they are all coated in oil. (If you’re doing these for a dinner party you can prepare them in advance to this point.  You can finish them off when you’re ready for your main course)

Take the roasting tin out of the oven and throw the chips in (they should sizzle in the hot tin).  Cover in salt and pepper and pop the tin back in the oven.

The chips should take about 25 – 30 minutes to become nice and golden.  Shake the tin to turn the chips a couple of times during cooking.  These go really well with steaks or ribsfrom the BBQ. Serve with a Mojito!

Next task for you! ‘The Chip Challenge’ – post pictures of some of your efforts on our Facebook page.  We would love to see them.


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