Summer holidays – We’re off :)

We’re going on our holidays.  Mum and Dad seem to be very excited about it.  I don’t know what all the fuss is about.  The last holiday we had was in Scotland.  It was cold and wet and I was too young for ice-cream.

This time Mum says it will be different because we’re off to Ibiza.  I’m not convinced….  Surely sand tastes the same on every beach?  I’ll let you know when we get home in a couple of weeks….

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PPS – if you’re lonely without us, you can look at some of our most popular recipes here while we’re gone.


6 thoughts on “Summer holidays – We’re off :)

  1. Hi Elaine, Chris & Molly, Great to discover your lovely blog. I too am a St Margaret’s mum, passionate about good food for my kids and also cooking with them. I’ve just had an article published in The Green Parent magazine called ‘Fun in the kitchen with kids’. Look forward to getting some recipe ideas from you! Rebecca x

  2. Hi Rebecca – really nice to hear from you. Thanks for getting in touch. Well done on getting your article published. Look out for us in the ‘Families Upon Thames’ magazine where we will be featured for the next 12 months (very exciting!). Hopefully we’ll provide some inspiration for your next article. Thanks again for following. Elaine, Chris & Molly

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