The hospital – Molly’s Blog

I was having a lovely time in the garden today until Mum closed the back door on my hand.  Ouch – that hurt!  She realised the minute she’d done it, that she’d done it (if you know what I mean).  I wailed (it hurt a lot – my finger was blue).  Then she cried too.  I don’t know why.  There was nothing wrong with her finger. Continue reading


Spaghetti carbonara

This is a super quick dinner which you can throw together in less than 15 minutes.  Better yet, it tastes like something you’d eat at a good Italian restaurant.  Bad news for very little ones or pregnant ladies – probably best for you to avoid this because of the raw egg that’s stirred in at the end. Continue reading

Butternut squash and cashew nut curry

A simple curry is quick to make if you already have a curry paste.  Feel free to use a shop bought one, or make one using our recipe. This curry features butternut squash and cashew nuts but could equally be done with some beef, chicken or pork if you preferred (just brown the meat in the paste before you add the rest of the ingredients).  For Molly, we took out a portion of the curry before adding the fish sauce at the end and didn’t give her any of the cashew nuts. Continue reading

DIY red curry paste

A good curry paste is a fantastic ingredient to have in your freezer.  You can make really quick and easy dinners in minutes if you have the paste ready.

You can of course buy a curry paste in the shop to save time but when we show people how easy it is to make your own, they are amazed.    Continue reading

Fried squid

Fried squid is delicious and a surprisingly cheap treat.  4 very little squid per person is a good portion for dinner.  This is super served with garlic bread or our home-made chips.  The secret is not to over cook the squid.  Dust it in flour and shallow fry it in vegetable oil for only 10 seconds.

For 2 people, you will need: Continue reading

Ham Hock Soup

This recipe takes a little bit more effort than our normal recipes but is really worth it!  Using ham hock is a cheap way of making great meaty stock and makes a wonderful filling winter soup.  To bulk up the soup we used ‘soup mix’ from Waitrose which is a mixture of dried pulses and grains.  If you can’t get this, we recommend using a mixture of pearl barley, lentils or any dried pulses you have.  Continue reading