Mushroom and Barley Soup

IMG_0762 mushroom and barley soup

The last time I was home, I cut this recipe out of a weekend supplement in the paper.  It’s a deceptively simple soup that is wholesome and nourishing.  The carrots add a surprising sweetness that little ones will love.  The barley transforms it into a filling vegetarian treat.

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Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps

IMG_0463 pork spice

These pork and lettuce wraps are a delicious option for healthy eating.  Depending on your taste you may want to reduce the amounts of chilli and fish sauce for little ones.   They will really enjoy assembling these wraps at the table!

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Chris’s Chicken Curry

IMG_0967 chicken curry

We’ve promised this recipe to so many people recently that we just had to post it on the blog.  It’s a favourite with lots of our friends and family.  You can make the paste a day or two in advance or freeze it if you wish.  The finished curry also freezes well so we often make a big pot to have some on another day. Once you see how easy it is to make this paste yourself, you’ll never buy another jar of ready-made sauce!

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Potato and green bean curry

IMG_0112 potato and green bean curry

So it’s the new year and you’re broke and sick of turkey.  You’re also wondering how to use up that stash of chilli powder you bought for our last curry recipe.  So here you go…  This is another one of the ‘pot luck’ (i.e. nothing in the fridge) recipes.  Sometimes they are the best ones.  Thanks to Madhur Jaffrey’s curry bible for the inspiration for this dish.

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Macaroni cheese

IMG_0869 macaroni

There’s nothing quite as indulgent as a good macaroni cheese.  It’s a super winter treat and all the family love it.

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Roast Monkfish and Dauphinoise Potatoes


If I had to choose my last supper, this would be it. The amount of potatoes in this recipe is far too much for two people but they are delicious reheated in the microwave for lunch the following day.  You can take the girl out of Ireland and all that….

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