Yummy Scrummy Sausage Rolls

IMG_0908 sausage rollsA very cheeky saturday lunchtime treat.  We cheated with some frozen ‘all butter’ puff pastry.  Buy the best type you can afford as it makes all the difference.

For 24 sausage rolls:

  • 1 pack of all butter puff pastry (500 g)
  • 8 large sausages skinned
  • 1 egg beaten


Roll the pastry out to about 12 x 18 inches.  Cut into 3 long strips (4 x 18 inches).  Lie the sausages length ways along the pastry, rolling them out a little thinner if necessary to fill the length of the pastry.

Brush the inside rims of the pastry with egg and cover the sausage completely.  Cut the long sausage rolls into approximately 8 smaller ones, ensuring the pastry is sealed down the back.

Prick them with a fork and brush the top with the left over egg mixture.  Bake for 25 minutes at 200C

These are delicious served with our mango chutney

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