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Who? Elaine & Chris Baxter – over the years we’ve developed a love of cooking and photography.  What better way to share than a blog?

Why? For the past 7 years in ‘The Claremont Road Kitchen‘ we have enjoyed countless meals around the table with friends and family. They keep coming back for more, so we must be doing something right. Our mission is that all families should sit around the dinner table and enjoy a meal together as often as possible.

What?  The blog is about what we cook, food and drink we like, suppliers we admire and getting our baby daughter Molly to enjoy some of it with us. If you don’t have much time to cook or you struggle for inspiration about what to cook, we think you’ll find our blog helpful. Frustrated parents may find a few tips or at least laughs in Molly’s blog.

What we’re not? We’re not about trying to teach you to make a meal for your kids in 3 minutes.  Other people do that much better than us and we follow their blogs for tips.

And another thing….  As well as our blog, we run a little cookery school called ‘Tuck for Tots’ where we teach parents to make tasty meals for their families.  We also run a bespoke home-made food delivery service in our locality where we deliver proper home-made food to those who struggle to find the time to do it themselves.

Read on…  Elaine writes, Chris snaps the photos and occasionally, Molly (currently 8 months old, July 2012) hacks into the account and gives her true version of events without the rose tinted glasses….

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You can contact us as follows 

email: claremontroadkitchen@gmail.com

Phone: 07729459123

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/theclaremontroadkitchen

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/crkitch/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/crkitch



4 thoughts on “About & contact details

  1. I admire your approach. We have been having ‘Family Dinner’ every Sunday evening for over 20 years now. Three generations and any friends or hangers on that want to join us sit around our old spalted beech table. Everybody loves it. It has facilitated my blog on numerous occasions. It’s a great habit to get into.

    • Thanks a million Conor. We agree. Sitting down together for a meal as a family is a special thing. We don’t want it to become a lost habit and we’re hoping to inspire others to join us in our quest! Nice blog by you too.

      Keep in touch. All the best. Elaine

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