About theclaremontroadkitchen

We are Elaine & Chris Baxter and we run ‘The Claremont Road Kitchen’. As students we developed a love of cooking with little money and few skills . A few years on, we still love food, cooking and enjoying meals around the table with our family. Being working parents, we know that not everyone has the time to cook healthy, tasty meals every night. However, in sharing our recipes with friends, we have helped to inspire them to try out new things in their kitchens. Outside of our blog, we run a small cookery school called ‘Tuck for Tots’ where we teach parents to cook healthy meals for their families. We also run a bespoke home-made food delivery service in our area in west london where we deliver delicious home-made dinners to locals. Our latest challenge is to encourage our new daughter Molly to enjoy food with us. Our blog is about making tasty simple dishes for all the family to enjoy. Read on to see our recipes and also Molly’s thoughts on growing up trying our food.

Banana Bread

IMG_0238 banana bread

Baby friendly (freeze it in chunks for lunch boxes), adult friendly (put a lock on the tin or it won’t last five minutes)…..  Everyone loves this great breakfast cake that is good at any time of the day.  It’s a super way to use bananas that are past their best.  In fact black ones make the best cake!

This recipe makes a 1 lb loaf tin, or double it and make a round 23cm cake (adapted from Rachel Allen’s recipe) Continue reading


Tomato and Cucumber salad

IMG_8916 tom cucumbr saladBefore you know it, it will be tomato season.  We have some in our greenhouse! There’s nothing quite as fresh and tasty as a tomato and cucumber salad.  It’s especially good when served with a handful of toasted seeds (not shown in this picture) on top and a wine vinegar dressing.  Crunchy, fresh, sharp.

You will need: Continue reading

Bubble and squeak

IMG_1372 bubble and squeak

The thing about bubble and squeak is that even the worst cook can’t get it wrong.  That’s because, there’s no way to get it ‘right’.  It’s just luck!  Use whatever leftovers you have from a roast dinner.  Stick an egg on top and serve with some gravy if you have it left over.  Delicious!

Using leftovers: Continue reading

The Gingerbread Man – Molly’s blog


‘Run, run as fast as you can.  You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man….’  I love that story.  In fact I love all stories.  I can even tell a lot of stories by myself now.  Yes – I am a BIG GIRL!

Mammy says I am a really good girl.  Continue reading

Pasta with prawns and feta

IMG_1347 prawns and feta

Once upon a time I took this from a Jamie Oliver recipe leaflet that came in an Irish Sunday newspaper supplement.  I’m sure it’s not 100% correct now but this is the version we’ve ended up with over the years.

For 2 adults and a little one you will need: Continue reading