Onion Bhajis

IMG_9207 onion bhajis

These are a massive treat as we don’t usually indulge in fried beer snacks!  That said, they are absolutely delicious. This recipe is from the BBC food website, where we find a lot of easy recipes.

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Chris’s Chicken Curry

IMG_0967 chicken curry

We’ve promised this recipe to so many people recently that we just had to post it on the blog.  It’s a favourite with lots of our friends and family.  You can make the paste a day or two in advance or freeze it if you wish.  The finished curry also freezes well so we often make a big pot to have some on another day. Once you see how easy it is to make this paste yourself, you’ll never buy another jar of ready-made sauce!

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Potato and green bean curry

IMG_0112 potato and green bean curry

So it’s the new year and you’re broke and sick of turkey.  You’re also wondering how to use up that stash of chilli powder you bought for our last curry recipe.  So here you go…  This is another one of the ‘pot luck’ (i.e. nothing in the fridge) recipes.  Sometimes they are the best ones.  Thanks to Madhur Jaffrey’s curry bible for the inspiration for this dish.

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The best chickpea curry in the world….

We absolutely love curry.  We have a silly number of spices in our kitchen!  You know we try to keep our recipes simple but this one involves quite a few speciality curry ingredients.  Buy as many as you can find.  We promise you’ll get to use them again for future recipes on this blog.  If you can find fresh curry leaves, these make all the difference.  You can put them in the freezer and use them from frozen.

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Butternut squash and cashew nut curry

A simple curry is quick to make if you already have a curry paste.  Feel free to use a shop bought one, or make one using our recipe. This curry features butternut squash and cashew nuts but could equally be done with some beef, chicken or pork if you preferred (just brown the meat in the paste before you add the rest of the ingredients).  For Molly, we took out a portion of the curry before adding the fish sauce at the end and didn’t give her any of the cashew nuts. Continue reading

DIY red curry paste

A good curry paste is a fantastic ingredient to have in your freezer.  You can make really quick and easy dinners in minutes if you have the paste ready.

You can of course buy a curry paste in the shop to save time but when we show people how easy it is to make your own, they are amazed.    Continue reading