Onion Bhajis

IMG_9207 onion bhajis

These are a massive treat as we don’t usually indulge in fried beer snacks!  That said, they are absolutely delicious. This recipe is from the BBC food website, where we find a lot of easy recipes.

For 4 adult snack portions you will need: Continue reading


Frozen grapes – a simple weekend treat

IMG_9893 frozen grapes

This is our big cheat recipe which we saw on a Jamie Oliver show once, stole and have served liberally since! It’s one of the easiest, cheekiest deserts going….  Get a big bunch of black (they need to be black, not red) grapes.  Put them in the freezer for a few hours before dinner.  Serve them straight from the freezer – it turns out just like a sorbet but with none of the effort. Great served with chocolate and red wine!

Yummy Scrummy Sausage Rolls

IMG_0908 sausage rollsA very cheeky saturday lunchtime treat.  We cheated with some frozen ‘all butter’ puff pastry.  Buy the best type you can afford as it makes all the difference.

For 24 sausage rolls: Continue reading