Rare Roast Beef

IMG_1515 roastbeef

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Chicken and Panzanella

IMG_9962 chicken and panzanella

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a roast dinner on a Sunday.  Not all of them need to have the full roast trimmings.  Panzanella is a mediterranean salad and is a great side dish for a roast chicken.  There isn’t even any lettuce involved… What kind of salad is that? Try it this weekend.

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Onion Bhajis

IMG_9207 onion bhajis

These are a massive treat as we don’t usually indulge in fried beer snacks!  That said, they are absolutely delicious. This recipe is from the BBC food website, where we find a lot of easy recipes.

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Frozen grapes – a simple weekend treat

IMG_9893 frozen grapes

This is our big cheat recipe which we saw on a Jamie Oliver show once, stole and have served liberally since! It’s one of the easiest, cheekiest deserts going….  Get a big bunch of black (they need to be black, not red) grapes.  Put them in the freezer for a few hours before dinner.  Serve them straight from the freezer – it turns out just like a sorbet but with none of the effort. Great served with chocolate and red wine!

French Toast – Pain Perdu

IMG_0798 pain perduWe were inspired by Rachel Khoo’s ‘Little Paris Kitchen’ to make some ‘Pain Perdu’ – ‘lost bread’.  Use any leftover chunky bread that’s past its best for making this sweet french toast – delicious for a weekend brunch.

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Cheeky snacks! Arancini

IMG_0790 arancini

These ‘arancini’ (little oranges in italian) are a simple and delicious snack that also work well as a canape for drinks.  We used left-over rice from a stir fry. Chose to add more cheese if you like. We serve ours with mango chutney.

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Roast Monkfish and Dauphinoise Potatoes


If I had to choose my last supper, this would be it. The amount of potatoes in this recipe is far too much for two people but they are delicious reheated in the microwave for lunch the following day.  You can take the girl out of Ireland and all that….

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