Home Delivery

Sometimes you just don’t have time to cook, or you’re not really in the mood.  Perhaps you know someone who can’t cook for themselves and could use a helping hand?  Would you like a healthy home-made meal for your children without having to cook? We run a bespoke delivery service for home-made meals from ‘The Claremont Road Kitchen’ in our local area.  We deliver a range of classic dishes listed below.  All our meat is sourced locally from Armstrong’s butchers in St Margarets. Get in touch with us for more details (see our contact page for contact information).


  • Chilli con carne
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Lasagne
  • Risotto (various)
  • Coq au vin
  • Chickpea & chorizo casserole
  • Irish stew
  • Beef in Guinness casserole
  • Indian chicken curry
  • Malaysian chicken curry
  • Lamb and spinach curry
  • Potato curry
  • Tomato curry
  • Chickpea curry
  • Red lentil dhal
  • Bunny chow (south African bean curry)

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