Molly’s Blog

WELCOME TO MOLLY’S BLOGThis is Molly’s blog where I (Molly) get to hack into Mum & Dad’s blog and give you a true account of what it’s really like to be fed at ‘The Claremont Road Kitchen’.  From my early love of ‘frooot’ to my hatred of spoons, you may find that you learn something about ‘weeeening’ your baby or at least take some comfort in the fact that we all have bad days, even me….  and I’m practically perfect (my Dad says)….


2 thoughts on “Molly’s Blog

    • Hi Brid You are my first fan…. Does this mean I am going to have a torrent of fan mail to answer? I’m not sure how I’ll manage – I am just sooooo busy, climbing into cupboards, pulling myself up on furniture and eating fluff from between the floorboards…. Mum looks exhausted for some reason. Can’t think why? Love Molly. x

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