I’m 1

This weekend was my birthday.  I’m a big girl now – I’m 1! I’ve never had a birthday before so I didn’t know what to expect.  Now I know birthdays are about balloons, having lots of people at my house, getting to play with wrapping paper and having my picture taken even more than normal.  Oh, yes there was one more thing….  Cake…. lots and lots of cake….  yummy.

Then Mum and Dad cooked a birthday feast for our family to celebrate me being with them a year.  What a happy time it’s been.

Molly’s birthday feast

Drinks:  Molly Bellinis

Canapes: Smoked Salmon with cucumber relish and duck pate both served on flatbread.

Starter: Orechiette & Basil Pesto

Main Course:  Prune stuffed roast shoulder of pork with red cabbage and roasted carrots

Dessert:  Mini Molly cupcakes

Let me know if you’d like any of the recipes for these treats and I’ll ask Mum to post them.  Love Molly. x


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