Only cows can eat grass….

My favourite food is grass, then peaches, then scrambled eggs.  I really like it when I am allowed to have my lunch outside like a picnic.  Mum puts out the rug and ties a huge muslin around my neck so I look like a cartoon character.  Then she lays my lunch out in front of me; little pieces of cheese, bread, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado and some ‘froot’ at the end.  When she’s not looking, I snatch pieces of grass from the lawn and have those too.  Yesterday, she caught me with some grass sticking out of the side of my mouth. I couldn’t get it down me fast enough. It will be so much easier to chew when the rest of my teeth arrive.  Mum says ‘only cows are allowed to eat grass’ before she pulls it out of my mouth.  Seems unfair really, all that free grass out there going to waste.  Perhaps she’ll let me have some at the weekend.  That’s when we are all allowed to have special treats (Mum = cake, Dad = beer, Molly = grass).


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