‘Weeeeening’….The first few months

Hi, this is Molly.  I’m 8 and a half months old (the half being important when you’re my age…  Half a month ago, my Mum could put me down where she wanted and I’d still be there when she got back…. not so now)

About 3 months ago, Mum started making me eat food.  I wasn’t that into it for quite a while.  I kept trying to tell her that I preferred milk but she wasn’t listening.  Every day we went through the same rigmarole.  I was put in this ridiculous high chair, some coloured bowls and spoons came out, stuff called ‘baby rice’ arrived in said bowl and Mum tried to stuff it in my mouth.  Around that time I figured out how to blow raspberries which came in useful when the dreaded rice arrived…  One day she stopped and I just got milk and I figured I’d won.

Not so….  The next day she put me in the chair twice.  She doesn’t give up, my Mum.  She just kept going and going until one day I realised I actually quite liked the stuff called ‘froot’ and some of those ‘veggtables’ weren’t bad either.  Now I mostly give anything a shot, except lentils….. and courgettes.  I can’t stand courgettes and I’m worried as Mum grows them in the garden.  Dad said last year that they had so many of them, he was given them every night.  Fingers crossed her plants die this year.

I know it annoys my Mum when she gives me the spoon at dinner time and I suck on the end with no food.  Seriously, if she just gave me the fork already I’d happily use that but I am NOT eating off a spoon.  It’s just not cool. Even after 3 months, I still don’t eat very much and I really still prefer milk to everything but I think I can see what Mum and Dad see in food. I do like it when they let me sit at the table with them for breakfast and lunch and we all have a chat.  I wish I was allowed to stay up for dinner.  Mum says one day I will be…..


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