When only a peach will do…..

Because I don’t like spoons, Mum gives me bits of food to eat off the table and out of my hand.  She and I have had our share of frights as sometimes things get stuck on my throat when I’m eating but she’s learning to trust the fact that I can cough it up and spit it out now.  It took me a while to master that.

My favourite thing is when Mum gives me ‘froot’ after my meal and my top ‘froot’ at the moment is a donut peach.  I’m not allowed donuts but I’m sure they can’t be anywhere near as good as these peaches.  I love to suck out all the nice stuff from the inside before spitting the skin on the ground (that was the next trick I learned after the raspberry blowing).  Yesterday I had 4 peaches.  I didn’t want to eat anything else.  Mum says that’s ok sometimes as there are days when all she wants is a gin (I haven’t had that either – I wonder if it’s a ‘froot’?)


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