Oxtail stew

We were recently asked for new ways to use up Star Anise and I found this tasty Nigel Slater recipe in a weekend newspaper supplement. I’d never had oxtail before so this was a good chance to try it for the first time.  It was amazing.  So soft and sticky and delicious – a massive success in our house.  Everyone loved it.  It only took 15 minutes to assemble.  We cooked it a few days in advance to let the flavours come out.

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Spaghetti Puttanesca

There’s a little ‘greasy spoon’ near The Claremont Road Kitchen, which reinvented itself a while back into a fantastic pizza and pasta house.  We love the food at ‘Chez’s Trattoria’.  A few weeks ago I had this brilliant spaghetti puttanesca dish there and tried to replicate it when I got home.  It’s a bit salty for Molly yet but I think we’ll have her eating olives and anchovies in no time. Don’t be fooled by how simple it is.  It’s a real treat.

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Minestrone Soup

A great winter warmer.  Use whatever vegetables you have – it’s a bit of a veggie jamboree but really good when you’re cold and just in from an outdoor adventure.

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Stir fried rice

A 20 minute mid-week classic.  It’s a great way of using up leftover bits and pieces in the fridge.  You can use a combination of the ingredients listed below or any others that you might have.  Chicken, garlic, onions and a handful of frozen peas is a great place to start.

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Pot Luck

‘Pot luck’ happens when there’s ‘nothing’ in the fridge. This might look like a slightly unusual combination – that’s what ‘pot luck’ is all about….  Actually, it turned out really well and was about as healthy a meal as you could ask for.

Serves 2 adults and a little one

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I’m 1 – Molly’s blog

This weekend was my birthday.  I’m a big girl now – I’m 1! I’ve never had a birthday before so I didn’t know what to expect.  Now I know birthdays are about balloons, having lots of people at my house, getting to play with wrapping paper and having my picture taken even more than normal.  Oh, yes there was one more thing….  Cake…. lots and lots of cake….  yummy.

Then Mum and Dad cooked a birthday feast for our family to celebrate me being with them a year.  What a happy time it’s been.

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Claremont Christmas Cake

This is the tried and trusted Claremont Christmas cake.  Make it this weekend and ‘feed it’ with a few drops of brandy between this and Christmas. Ice it if you like (or if you’re lazy like us, then eat it as it is – Delicious!)

This recipe makes 1 x 12 inch or 1 x 6 inch + 1 x 9 inch square cakes: Continue reading