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‘Run, run as fast as you can.  You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man….’  I love that story.  In fact I love all stories.  I can even tell a lot of stories by myself now.  Yes – I am a BIG GIRL!

Mammy says I am a really good girl.  Continue reading


My first shoes – Molly’s blog

shoesNew shoes….  Mum says that this will be the start of a very long love affair.  I don’t know what she means by that?  All I know is, I wanted the black shiny ones and I got these silly girly pink ones.  Mum didn’t like them either but apparently I have very skinny feet so they were the only ones that would fit.

At least we don’t have to go back to the shoe shop any more.  We were at three different shoe shops, three times in the last three weeks.  I’m not very good at sums yet but I am sure, that’s a lot of shoe fittings.  Oh and yes you’re right – the fact I’ve got shoes means that I can walk now….  Mostly though, I am still faster on my knees.  Perhaps I should’ve gotten knee pads instead?



The hospital – Molly’s Blog

I was having a lovely time in the garden today until Mum closed the back door on my hand.  Ouch – that hurt!  She realised the minute she’d done it, that she’d done it (if you know what I mean).  I wailed (it hurt a lot – my finger was blue).  Then she cried too.  I don’t know why.  There was nothing wrong with her finger. Continue reading

My first word – Molly’s Blog

I really thought my first word would be ‘no’.  It’s my Mum’s favourite word.  She says it all of the time. ‘No Molly, don’t try to climb into the bath’.  ‘No Molly, don’t eat that shoe’.  ‘No Molly, the baking cupboard is not allowed for babies’…. Continue reading

Summer holidays – We’re off :)

We’re going on our holidays.  Mum and Dad seem to be very excited about it.  I don’t know what all the fuss is about.  The last holiday we had was in Scotland.  It was cold and wet and I was too young for ice-cream.

This time Mum says it will be different because we’re off to Ibiza.  I’m not convinced….  Surely sand tastes the same on every beach?  I’ll let you know when we get home in a couple of weeks….

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Molly’s blog – Getting into spices

I heard mum talking to her friend yesterday. ‘I really want to get Molly into spices.  I’ve tried cumin, coriander, chilli.  She’s turned her nose up at all of them so far’.

So today I thought I’d be a good girl and ‘get into spices’….  Turmeric to be precise.  Mum left it where I could reach it and I went for it with both hands.

She didn’t seem all that pleased with me as she washed it off my hands.  I’ll never figure her out….

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When only a peach will do (by Molly)….

Because I don’t like spoons, Mum gives me bits of food to eat off the table and out of my hand.  She and I have had our share of frights as sometimes things get stuck on my throat when I’m eating but she’s learning to trust the fact that I can cough it up and spit it out now.  It took me a while to master that.

My favourite thing is when Mum gives me ‘froot’ after my meal and my top ‘froot’ at the moment is a donut peach.  I’m not allowed donuts but I’m sure they can’t be anywhere near as good as these peaches.  I love to suck out all the nice stuff from the inside before spitting the skin on the ground (that was the next trick I learned after blowing raspberries).  Yesterday I had 4 peaches.  I didn’t want to eat anything else.  Mum says that’s ok sometimes as there are days when all she wants is a gin (I haven’t had that either – I wonder if it’s a ‘froot’?)